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CB Greenbox

Manage all your water levels from one place………Your computer.

The new CB GREENBOX takes the high-end technology that is out of the reach of all but the biggest budgets and squeezes it into a small affordable box.

Remote water control and Monitoring
The CB GREENBOX allows you complete control of all your water level control equipment via a secure website. This negates the need to visit and manually adjust equipment saving you time and money.  This really comes into its own when fitted to equipment that may be hard to access or in adverse weather conditions that may prevent safe human access.

Water level sensors allow the CB GREENBOX to adjust water control devices automatically to keep water levels with in parameters that you can control at the click of a button. This gives a far quicker response time, making it easy to stay at target levels.

 As well as helping to control your water levels, the CB GREENBOX’s sensor will keep a historical log of water levels that can be viewed via your secure login on the CB Website, or integrated in your existing SCADA system.

One of the key features to the CB GREENBOX is that it is entirely self-contained. All the power required is provided from a small solar panel which is used to charge its on-board batteries. All of the data for the control of the equipment is sent via the existing mobile phone network, giving a robust and dependable connection.

The CB GREENBOX can be retro fitted to any penstock or tilting-weir supplied by ACE that require a torque of up to 20Nm. At present a higher torque version of the CB GREENBOX is in development and will be available soon to order from ACE. The compact size of the CB GREENBOX means that there is no need for extra foundations, mast etc. This combined with a weight of only 13kg means that the entire installation can be completed in less than 1 hour.

Click here to see the CB Greenbox in operation.