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WaStop Access

When ACE initially brought WaStop Inline Check to the UK and Irish markets 3 years ago, it was a truly revolutionary product. It gave a solution to controlling back flow in countless scenarios where traditional methods could not be used.

To make the WaStop even more versatile ACE are now pleased to offer the WaAccess Chamber.

The WaAccess Chamber is a complete inspection chamber Ø425 with DN110 – 160mm connections. Inside the chamber is a WaStop check valve to prevent back-flow. The ‘easy-remove’ check valve makes the chamber easy to rinse. The check valve can be removed from ground level. WaAccess Chamber can be installed in sewage, drainage and surface water networks.

WaStop Access HD – for underground installation
WaAccess HD (Heavy Duty) is designed for underground installation in areas where lateral lines run up to 3 meters underground. ACE can provide the WaAccess HD complete with risers and manhole cover, ready to install. The HD version is to be complemented with a standard riser PE-pipe to the ground surface and a heavy duty manhole (PE or cast iron) cover classified for load D400 (40 ton), carparks and other trafficked areas.