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Larinier Fish Pass

Larinier fish Passes are a popular method for enhancing fish migration. Installed on or near slopes and weirs around a migratory obstacles they work by slowing down river flows to enable fish  passage.  ACE Larinier Fish Pass Tiles feature a number of baffles on a ‘ready-to-install’ back plate, for quick fixture to an existing or constructed slope.  Spacings of the baffles are adjusted depending on fish species and the flows and slopes of the river to which it is being installed.

Manufacture and Installation... 

Traditionally, Larinier fish passes are manufactured from steel in individual baffles.  This method of manufacture can be expensive. In addition metal baffles are very labour intensive,  requiring complex setting out and timely drilling and fixing of each  individual part of the fish pass.  ACE Larinier Fish Passes are constructed  completely from High Density  Polyethylene (HDPE) in tile blocks of up to six baffles.  This tile design significantly reduces the labour involved in  installation. The cost of HDPE compared to metal is also lower and thus can be manufactured cost effectively.

Our Commitment to the Environment...

HDPE has a far lower carbon footprint than its metal counterparts (see leaflet).  Due to the light weight nature of the material each tonne of HDPE makes far more Larinier than a ton of steel reducing our environmental impact further.  It is no wonder that this material features on the Environment Agency’s sustainability materials list!

Making it Last...

ACE Larinier Tiles will not rust or require re-painting over time, a common problem with steel counterparts that experience chipping from stream debris.  As well as this our Larinier Tiles are 100% UV stable thanks to impregnated carbon.

Here’s a quick summary of the benefits of considering ACE Larinier Fish Passes...

-    More cost effective than metal alternatives
-    Low Environmental impact
-    Fully UV stable and corrosion resistant
-    Adheres to the Environment Agency Fish Pass Guidelines
-    Minimum 25 year lifespan
-    Lightweight and easier to install