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Stoplogs & Handstops

Stop Logs

The KWT Stackable weirs offer a very simple and cost effective way of penning back water using a very lightweight and efficient set of stackable aluminum boards.

Traditionally these type of weirs were built using timber boards which could be affected by swelling due to the water and becoming trapped in the guides. The use of aluminium boards offers a very durable system when combined with stainless steel guides and EPDM seals. The aluminium logs offer a dramatic weight reduction which not only reduces the need for heavy foundations and construction but also has benefits from a health and safety point of view when installing or removing the logs.

We can create these stop logs to suit your specific structure with each set being produced bespoke to your requirements, please contact us with your requirements and we will advise you of the best possible solution.

Hand Stop

The KSS hand stop is a unique piece of equipment developed by KWT a incorporating characteristics of both stop logs and penstocks in its design, operation and installation.

Ideal for the de-watering or isolation of a channel for maintenance, the KSS Hand Stop is designed to be operated manually so is limited in its dimensions to ensure the weight is suitable for manual use. Using robust materials the KSS is virtually maintenance free, suitable for both on and off seating, easy to install and easy to operate.