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Tilting Weirs

Tilting Weirs

The KKS and KKS-PE tilting weirs produced by KWT provide a very accurate means of controlling water levels upstream and are mainly used in surface and process water systems. The smaller KKS-PE is an ideal solution for penning water in conservation areas, land drainage ditches and smaller watercourses. They have also been used widely as an alternative to stop logs on sites where safety could be an issue when the logs are being installed or removed.

Manufactured from stainless steel 316L and HDPE the weirs are designed to be robust yet a simple and effective product. Both types of weir are available in both manual or actuated options and can be provided with a number of operation point types. As well as offering the actuated option we can also offer remote telemetry, monitoring and operation as well as solar and battery power options should a mains electricity connection not be available.

KKS-PE Tilting Weirs

The KKS-PE is the smaller of the two options we offer for the tilting weirs and offers a very cost effective, accurate, robust option for penning and controlling water levels. With a plate height range from 100mm to 1200mm and width range of 500mm to 2500mm these weirs can be adapted to fit existing structures or designed into new structures very easily, we coffer full support on installation and design and can offer guidance on mounting to concrete structures, sheet piles and a range of other options.

KKS Tilting Weirs

Designed for more demanding applications or larger scale sites the KKS tilting weirs are manufactured using stainless steel side cheeks as apposed to the HDPE side cheeks on the KKS-PE. This allows for larger plate widths and larger plate heights to be produced meaning water courses can be dealt with and also larger head differentials.

KSU Weir Unit

The KSU unit was developed in cooperation with a concrete manufacturer to be a one piece solution for penning water levels upstream at desired levels. The KSU is a unique concept as it is a fully functioning tilting weir built into a concrete chamber. All of the chain drives are hidden within the concrete making them inaccessible to vandals.

Available for both manual and actuated operation, the units is designed for quick simple, installation without the need for additional pre cast concrete units or on site pouring of concrete.