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WaReg Flow Regulator

Overloading in sewerage and drainage systems can be avoided by using an attenuation reservoir, or by directing flow to a less sensitive area. Using Wapro’s flow regulating system, flow is controlled with the assistance of the current retained water levels in the pipe system. The throughput area in the pipe is regulated by the water level in the chamber. In normal situations the entire pipe is open, allowing the chamber to act as a normal manhole. In cases of increased flow the inlet is gradually closed to decrease the inflow into the chamber. The flotation pipe and sliding valves construction and action allows the flow to continue controlled through the WaReg. The chamber is constructed to minimise the risk for pollution, sludge and other matter interrupting flow. The design of the WaReg makes it infinitely more efficient than the vortex design commonly used on attenuation systems. The fact that it is adjustable ensures that it is adaptable to changes in the requirements of the installation.

Advantages of WaReg
• Automatic flow control in gravity fed drainage systems to minimise the risk of overloading.
• Autonomous - flow is regulated by the dimensioned capacity of the outlet.
• Extremely low risk of blockage and obstructions as the pipe in normal situations is completely open for free flow.
• WaReg requires only minimal level differences, making the system easy to install, even in existing pipes.
• Uncomplicated and easily maintained construction which requires only a minimum level of maintenance.
• Precise flow through gravity fed systems regardless of retained water levels.
• Can be used in conjunction with any type of attenuation system.
• Available in both standard sizes and bespoke designs.
• Wide range of connections available.

How it works
WaReg fully open

Water flows through the chamber, without hindrance, when the WaReg is running under normal operating conditions. The downstream pipes have capacity for the current flow without risk for overloading. The whole area of the control pipe is open for flow.

WaReg limiting flow
When flow increases the chamber fills with water causing the flotation regulation pipe to rise thereby reducing flow.