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WaStop® Non-Return Valves

The WaStop® Non-Return valve

There are numerous uses for the WaStop® non-return valve, including tidal outfalls, sewer chambers and the protection of domestic properties.  A range of installation options allows a unique and very flexible method of preventing back flow.  The housing is available in both 304L and 316L stainless steel, as well as PE, and the smaller sizes in PVC.  The housing material can be chosen to suit the environment in which the valve is to be installed.  Standard sizes range from ø75mm to ø1500mm with larger sizes and specials available on request.  The WaStop® is available to withstand pressures of up to 8MwC.  The membrane of valve is manufactured using a special blend of polyurethane.  The membrane allows water to pass in the desired direction, however when back flow occurs the membrane fills, sealing the membrane against the inside of the stainless steel tube.

The secret to WaStop®'s effectiveness is its specialised Memory Membrane, inserted inside either stainless steel or PVC pipes depending on the application.  The Memory Membrane is constructed of a specially formulated blend of polyurethane which gives it exceptional shape retention and chemical resistance.  This ensures WaStop® always opens when needed, but then immediately seals to prevent  back flow.

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Advantages of WaStop®

  • Installed for over 10 years worldwide with 100% satisfaction Superior construction materials
  • Superior Construction Materials
  • Extremely low head loss
  • Low life cycle cost and easy installation
  • No moving parts - virtually maintenance-free
  • Many dimensions 75 - 1500 mm std & non-standard pipes
  • Stops liquids, gases, odours, insects and small animals
  • Many installation options - vertical to horizontal
  • The ORIGINAL inline check valve - leading development
Aquatic Control Engineering and WaStop®
ACE is the Master Distributor of WaStop for the United Kingdom, utilising a chain of successful resellers to provide quick and easy access to a growing range of stainless steel and PVC products.  Our engineers have a lot of experience recommending installations for applications such as pumping stations, wastewater treatment works, diffusers and many more.
We stock a range of WaStop sizes available to you with next day delivery, in other sizes delivery is between 2-6 weeks depending on size.
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