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Weir Penstocks

Weir Penstocks

The range of weir penstocks we offer is always designed and manufactured bespoke, suitable for specific tasks or requirements. We also have a wide range of pre-designed weir penstock sizes along with our bespoke services which allow us to offer a tailored solution based on each individual client requirement.

Each specific type we offer across the range is manufactured using the same high quality combination of stainless steel 316L and HDPE offering our customers a very robust and compact design requiring minimal maintenance. The installation options are varied meaning they can also be adapted to suit existing or new sites regardless of the required application.All the below weir penstocks are available with manual or actuated operation.

KOAS I & KOAS II Weir Penstocks

Suited in surface water, sewage or potable water applications the KOAS range come with a pre-determined weir plate height meaning it can be used as a weir to pen water upstream, as well as to isolate channels for maintenance or control water flow through channels.

KOS I & KOS II Weir Penstocks

This range is designed to allow a constant adjustment or accurate control of upstream water levels. With a very accurate level of control between the upper and lower limits the upstream levels can be maintained at a constant depth.The KOS Weir penstock can also be manufactured to incorporate a V notch weir if required. This allows accurate flow rate calculations for the discharge of smaller quantities of water.

KOS-GL Weir Penstock

The KOS-GL is a unique product on the market as it does not require a top bridge for the operation. This unique feature means it can be used to accurately control and adjust water levels without obstructing the flow. This type of gate is ideal for use on sites that have a limited build height or where the water course needs to navigable.

DKOS Twin Weir Penstock

The unique and versatile DKOS incorporates two individually controlled weir plates which can be operated individually to each other. This flexible system allows a pen level to be maintained upstream to various depths with the added benefit of a second plate that can be opened to allow discharges of larger volumes of water or to flush silt.