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Habbig Tree Cutters

Habbig tree cutters have been manufactured in Germany for over 20 years, providing high quality and robust tree cutting attachments for excavators and similar machinery.  Hundreds of Habbig tree cutters have been supplied in the UK and Ireland by exclusive distributor, Aquatic Control Engineering Ltd since 1996, to public environmental sectors, rail and other specialised contractors.

Habbig tree cutters are designed to fulfill one simple purpose; higher felling capacities with increased workplace health and safety.  All Habbig tree cutters allow the operator to cut and grab timber from within the cab of an excavator and safely, quickly and neatly clear large volumes of branches and trunks.  The timber can even be placed exactly where required reducing the need for manual handling at ground level.

The Health & Safety advantages of automated tree cutting attachments are wide ranging and help to reduce and minimise:

  • Working at height
  • Falling objects
  • Manual handling
  • Contact with dangerous parts of machinery
  • Exposure to dust, noise and vibration

Habbig tree cutters come in a range of sizes and capacities suited to small excavators and light workloads to robust machines capable of tree clearing to high maintenance, time critical schedules experienced in road and rail contracts.

Primary Design Benefits and Features

Flexible Cutting Capacities: Each Habbig model is designed to a specific cutting thickness.  This is to ensure the lightest most compact model can be provided to the customer to your requirements.

Swivel Options:  Each model can be manufactured with an integrated swivel allowing rotation in either direction from 50-70 degrees.  Additionally some models come with an external swivel attachment which can be removed as desired providing maximum flexibility.

Increased Gripping:  If health and safety is your core focus our larger models have increased tree grips at the top and bottom for added security.

For more information on our Habbig tree cutter range, please view our model specific leaflets below.