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CB Greenbox installation

The terrain around North Brabant consists of flat lowlands. This gives Aa en Maas, the drainage board tasked with the water level management of North Brabant, a great challenge. To allow the drainage board maximum control of the water levels they employ a multitude of adjustable weirs.

The number of tilting weirs operating in the area means that an electric control and drive system is required and until now the control of this has meant a large control box situated within close proximity to the weir. This had to be positioned to allow safe access by an operator.  More often than not the control box would require a heavy duty power supply  and when this is factored in along with additional civil engineering work,  the result is a major undertaking with costs of over £21,000. When CB Flevoland approached Aa en Maas with the CB Greenbox for around £6,000 installed, the decision to fit it was obvious.

On top of the direct financial benefits of the installation of the Greenbox, there were also substantial benefits from the added functionality; mainly the ability to remotely monitor and control the weirs, therefore removing the need to visit the multiple sites required to maintain the water level. When representatives of Aa en Maas first visited CB Flevoland to see the CB Greenbox they were struck by its overall size and the fact that it is only just  bigger than a shoe box. 

The initial location for the CB Greenbox installation was a tilting weir in the town of Vlijmen in North Brabant. The lack of need for civil engineering work made the installation quick and simple. The weir was fully operational in just half a day, with Aa en Maas able to control it via a simple to use, custom built website

So far the installed Greenbox has performed perfectly and CB Flevoland are predicting that the CB Greenbox will become common sight, fitted to all manner of water control devices in the near future.