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ACE Fish Diversion Strobe Lights @ Welches Dam

Welches Dam is set on an RSPB site and has recently undergone a full refurbishment by contractors Jackson Civil Engineering and WS Atkins as consultants.  Welches Dam has four pumps set in two sumps which were not fish friendly, a solution was required to deter fish from entering the sumps and direct fish towards safe passage, thus reducing fish mortality.

ACE were subcontracted to provide and install fish Diversion Strobe Lights for this project, a product which uses extreme flashing lights to repel fish and ells from danger.  Much research into fish migration has identified that fish and eel species are sensitive to light and that bright light cause fish to swim to avoid them.  Using scientific calculations based upon water quality and sump environment we are able to recommend a number of strobe arrangements which will produce adequate light strength to perform this task.  In this case ACE installed two strobe units with three sets of lights in each unit mounted to stainless steel rails.

Installation required the sumps to be dammed with stop logs and drained.  Fish caught in the de-watering zone were rescued and released downstream.  Over the two days of installation the rails were quickly secured within the sump with a combination of chemical and mechanical anchors.  With the rails installed the strobe units are simply lowered into place and secured effortlessly.  In this case Industrial Electrical Services were subcontracted by ACE to complete the electronic assembly.

Post monitoring of this project is planned by the Environment Agency using Didsun technology.  ACE hope to share these results with our customers in due course.

ACE would like to thank Jackson Civil Engineering, WS Atkins, Industrial Electrical Services and the Environment Agency for their assistance and collaboration throughout our phase of this fantastic fish diversion project.