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Stop Logs

ACE have been supplying Stop logs for over a decade. Our stop logs are designed to lock together to give a reliable leak proof barrier. ACE Stop logs are manufactured from either aluminium or HDPE depending on the project requirements. This makes our stop logs both robust and easy to deploy.

Stop Log Overview

Light Weight Stop Logs (KSOS)


KSOS Stop logs are an manually operated insertion weir and suitable for dewatering and controlling levels. KSOS structures are a simple yet effective way of penning water, using a set of stacking boards made from lightweight aluminium. Both weir types can be adjusted by 50mm using a set of boards, which is also supplied with aspecial frame to allow the boards to be kept within the unit when not in use.

Heavy Duty Stop Logs (KSL)


The KSL stop logs are manufactured from aluminium and fit a stainless steel frame. They can be used to temporarily close off a channel for maintenance purposes. The stop logs can be hoisted using a dedicated hoisting beam, and stored in racks on site for later use. These stop logs can be manufactured in stainless steel reinforced HDPE as well as coated steel for demanding applications like land drainage pumping stations.