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Tilting Weir

Tilting weirs are one of the best ways of fine controlling water levels and have been used on sites for many years. ACE are one of the UKs longest standing suppliers of tilting weirs with around 20 years’ experience in the water industry.
ACE tilting weirs are specially designed to be a compact self-contained unit, with low visual impact and minimal installation costs. ACE tilting weirs are can you complete automatic control of your water levels, without the need to visit the site by fitting it with the CB Greenbox.
ACE can supply and install tilting weirs in a multitude of sizes and specifications to fit any site requirement. Tilting weirs are available in either complete stainless steel construction or a combination of HDPE and stainless steel. If extra clearance for debris is required ACE can supply our ingenious beamless tilting weir.
ACE tilting weirs are available from 300mm to over 5m across and can be either manually adjusted or driven by actuator. All tilting weirs are back by the ACE

Tilting Weir overview

HDPE and Stainless Steel Tilting Weir (KKS-PE)

Bespoke Product

These tilting weirs utilise the advantages of HDPE for the side cheeks. This makes them almost maintenance free and vandal resistant. The use of HDPE also offers a comparative cost saving against the price of a full stainless steel tilting weir. These tilting weirs are available in sizes up to 2.5m across.

Full Stainless Steel Tilting Weir (KKS)

Bespoke Product

Complete stainless steel tilting weirs are available in both 304 and 316 grades. There inherent strength makes these an extremely robust choice for larger weirs

Beamless Tilting Weir (KKS-GL)


The beamless tilting weir has been designed for specialist situations. All of the mechanical drive is stored in the base section. This removes the need for a top beam. This design means that there is a reduced chase of blockage in high debris areas. The beamless tilting weir also has the advantage of a reduced visual impact. The beamless tilting weir is manufactured from stainless steel (304 or316 depending on requirements).