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Todmorden Flood Defence

180 WaStops used for flood protection

WaStops flood protection installed at Todmorden a town with a long history of flooding from the River Calder and Walsden Water. Previous floods here have damaged infrastructure and disrupted important transport routes as well as risking the safety of the local population.

The £13 million third phase of the flood alleviation scheme is improving flood defences alongside Walsden Water. As part of this project, Aquatic Control Engineering supplied WaStop non-return valves to main contractor VolkerStevin.

For this particular project, WaStop flood protection valves were installed into pipes within culverts, preventing flooding in urban areas. The majority of these non-return valves are fitted inside a flood relief tunnel and are used to protect the drains leading to it. Thus if the main culvert backs up, local properties are still protected.

These non-return valves, compared to other product alternatives, minimised alternative works and are easier and faster to install. But how? Non-return valves can be installed into culverts at ALL angles without affecting the opening and closing pressures of the membrane and do not need a flat wall on which to mount but seal into the pipe itself. This allowed the VolkerStevin construction team to quickly and effectively install the non-return valves into existing pipes.

Aquatic Control Engineering supplied 180 WaStops to VolkerStevin for this project. Aquatic Control Engineering wishes to thank VolkerStevin for the opportunity to work with them on this project and for their professional project management throughout.

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