Carbon Management

Carbon Management

Carbon emissions are a major focus for developed countries in the 21st century. Across all of the wonderful projects Aquatic Control Engineering (ACE) have been involved in, the aim has always been, and always will be, to create a sustainable future.

We have consciously made an effort to better the environment, taking into consideration not only our customers but also the communities, our own employees, and ultimately the surrounding ecosystem.

There are substantial changes occurring in the world we live in, one of the most influential being climate change. Be it through our smart material choices, innovative solutions or in-house enthusiasm, ACE is actively promoting green business to meet the everchanging needs of society. And our environment.

It is evident that our rapidly expanding population directly correlates to the level of carbon emissions produced worldwide. This has resulted in volatile weather conditions impacting us on a daily basis, both at home and at the workplace. When we look at climate change from a distance we naturally think of hotter and dryer summers with less rainfall, however if we look deeper, we have much more to think about. The Arctic sea ice (pictured below) is declining at a rate of 13.3% every decade (1).

This alone accounts for more unpredictable rainfall, rising sea levels and a severely increasing flood risk to coastal and low-lying assets. Together, we need to understand these current and future challenges and make them our priority.

World 1984World 2016

Images by NASA Scientific Visualization Studio. Information sources: 2012: NASA Earth Observatory, 2013: NASA Earth Observatory, 2016: NASA Global Climate Change.
(1) (2017). Available at:



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