In House Efforts

ACE In House Efforts

Employees uphold our 8 core INSPIRES values and promote these where we can.

Innovation – Promote forward-thinking and improvement
Nature – Do no harm, and to promote conservation
Safety – Work safely, protecting both people and their environment
Passion – Work with enthusiasm, going the extra mile
Integrity – Stick to our promises, even when challenging
Respect – Show respect to people and places
Empowerment – Allow open exchange of ideas, give ownership
Sustainability – Continual environmental, practical and financial strength

In addition to this, we actively promote and implement our Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – Think procedure.

ACE employees are always looking and striving for new ways to aid in our carbon reduction efforts. For example, all compostable materials from employees and the company as a whole are disposed of in our on site composting area. We recently did an exercise with a local school collecting bottle tops for them to use in artwork as opposed to going into landfill.

The ACE CO Reduction Log is updated almost daily with new ways our team are reducing our carbon footprint. Examples are car sharing, recycling waste materials and teleconferences.

ACE employees log their carbon reduction initiatives, these are shared with all and an annual environmental award is linked to this.

ACE In House Efforts




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