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Case Study: Kinlochleven hydro Power Station

Kinlochleven operated in the Victorian times with one main dam, and three smaller dams. The smaller dams would only provide water to the turbines during rainfall when the burns were in spate, with the main dam providing water constantly but with the flow throttled when the smaller burns could be used.

The Victorians had brilliant technology to keep the smaller dams in operation but it required the permanent presence of an operator. With labour rates ever rising it was not economically viable to keep a manned presence at the valves on the small dams and they were mothballed.

For around 60 years only the main dam provided the water, however, to ensure the water would not run out, the power station reduced its water consumption which lowered the amount of green energy being produced.

ACE worked with the client to provide automated penstocks and automated debris screens, which would regulate the water flowing from the small dams and prevent people from cleaning the screens, bringing them back on-line.

This has ensured that the hydropower station can produce even more green CO2 neutral power today than ever before; even when the Victorians were operating it, as the efficiencies of automated systems are higher than the “semi-automatic” ones of the past.


Windmill Pumping Solutions

The EA own electric land drainage pumps in the south-east. The pumps are sized to deal with the worst-case scenario which occurs or can occur during a flood event. To reduce the energy-intensive stop-start behaviours of the pump and the inefficiency of the system during low volume pumping, a windmill pump was installed.

The windmill pumps enough to keep the water levels down during normal flows and means the water is being pumped with zero Co2 emissions most of the time, whilst maintaining a solid defence in the form of a large capacity electrical pump for the time of heavy rainfall and severe weather. It also means reduced wear and tear of the main pump which increases its longevity resulting in further carbon savings.

Windmill Pump

CB Greenbox

The high specification innovative design of CB Greenbox allows control and the ability to monitor water levels via a computer. The compact design means that everything fits within a manageable, self-contained, low visual impact box. Due to a low weight of only 13kg, installation is very easy.

The product is extremely sustainable. All the onboard batteries are charged by a small solar panel, meaning no power is required on site. With no power needed on site no unsightly kiosks or elevated solar panels are required. All data from the box is sent via the existing mobile phone network. The CB Greenbox is so effective it negates the need for manual visits. This saves time, money and encourages a safer working environment.

CB Greenbox

Berky Hybrid Weed Boat

ACE is very excited to be able to bring the Berky Hybrid Weed Boat into our product range. The new boat delivers all functions fully electrically, meaning there is no need for hydraulic oil. Powered by strong lithium-ion batteries it is capable of working a full day in electric mode.

The benefits of this new boat ensure very low exhaust emissions, especially useful in areas where standard diesel engines are banned. Due to no hydraulic oil being required there is a significantly reduced risk of oil spills.

Most importantly with the hybrid engine, there is much lower fuel consumption, which in turn means less CO2.

Berky Weed Boat

VAKI Riverwatcher

VAKI Riverwatcher is a range of fish monitoring technology, providing the ultimate recording and verification of fish migration. Where other counters and cameras offer limitations in results or, require unworkable man-hours in the verification of results, the Vaki surpasses all expectations.

With the VAKI Riverwatcher, only triggered actions are recorded and can be viewed on a portal from anywhere in the world.

Monitoring fish species can indicate where actions are required to maintain a healthy ecosystem. A healthy ecosystem is of course also a community benefit, especially now that increasing numbers of people have an active interest in sustainability and biodiversity.

VAKI River watcher




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