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Archimedean Screw Pumps

The innovative design of our Archimedean pump and frame require less civil works in comparison to similar alternatives. The frame ensures that a very simple headwall design can be used, and through removing the concrete trough traditionally used, saves vast volumes of concrete; a material which is incredibly CO2 intensive.

The closed drum enables the pump to pump against a head of water, therefore requiring a less tall structure. For example, at Bells Pumping Station we saved 1.24m in overall asset height; which is a lot of concrete!

The closed drum stops energy loss by avoiding leakage whilst pumping, this also enables the screw pump to operate at various speeds and vastly reduces energy consumption.

The material choice further aids carbon reduction. As the carbon footprint of the composite materials used to manufacture the screw and cylinder is less than steel.
Archimedes Pump

Case Study: Appledore Pumping Solution

Appledore operated with 2No direct-drive Ruston single-cylinder diesel engines (one engine per pump) which is not efficient and of course a serious generator of CO2.

Just the fact we changed the pumps to electric is a big start! But ACE pumps are not fixed speed, they are variable speed meaning they can change speed to operate at better efficiency points as water levels change. The old pumps operated at only one speed thus frequently outside of their most efficient point.

ACE have gone further still, utilising cutting edge permanent magnet motors, rather than traditional induction motors, they are more efficient especially when operated at variable speeds.

View the full Case Study HERE.

Appledore Pumping Station



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