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We are continually aiming to reduce our carbon emissions produced from our vehicle fleet. In 2019-2020 we will be looking to further lower the average emission of our car fleet in combination with increased fuel efficiency. The promising advancements of all-electric/hybrid vehicles will further aid in our efforts to reduce carbon emissions and is definitely something we will consider in the near future.

Moreover, when we need to travel long distances, we encourage travel by train and by bicycle for short distances. All transport within ACE is monitored by our Environmental Manager. Year on year, more and more miles are completed using public transport rather than company vehicles.

In absolute terms, the picture is clear. Worldwide, road users account for about 71% of transport CO2 emissions, with railway companies making up less than 1.8%, next to 12.3% for aviation and 14.3% for shipping, according to the International Energy Agency and International Union of Railways.

We increasingly organise teleconferences to additionally reduce our vehicle carbon emissions. This can also include training as well as general communications. Tele-conferences are not only environmentally friendly, but they are also a more efficient and safe way of working as less time is spent on travel.

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