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Although ACE have a large range of standard equipment, we regularly develop new designs for our customers, whether they are small tweaks to make installation simpler or to provide a fully bespoke solution. The materials we use are very flexible, allowing them to be manipulated to any shape or size to add strength, fit existing structures, or purely for improved appearance.

ACE and our suppliers use the latest 3D CAD technology such as Solidworks, Autocad Inventor and Sketchup to visualise designs, check fit and produce accurate bills of materials and to model forces to guarantee strength without excessive material. The use of 3d also makes our designs very easy to communicate with our customers, giving an accurate impression of the proposed finished solution.

Our experienced team carry out detailed surveys, and will assist you with product selection, always offering the most practical solution in terms of operation, logistics of installation and maintenance, and value.

If you would like to book a survey, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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