Environmental Thinking

Water Flow Control has always been the Centre of much debate, whilst necessary in situations to protect flooding of housing and property it has been proven to have negative impacts on fish migration, aquatic flora and fauna, a reduction in habitats for wading birds and marine species. A continued strong focus on reducing and minimising carbon and water footprint in our corporate activities whilst keeping projects and products economically viable has given us our fair share of challenges.

ACE are happy to report a number of successes in our company:

ISO14001:2008 certificate and UVDB Verify 97% Environmental Score are testament to our continued efforts to achieve the highest environmental standard in everything we do

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is used in the majority of our products including fish migration and water flow control. Compared to most other construction materials, especially concrete and metal, it has a much lower carbon footprint. Pioneering the introduction of this now popular material in the UK and Ireland over 15 years ago we are pleased to announce that the majority of our product range is now specified and sold in this material. HDPE is also fully recyclable and is cheaper and more robust than other metal and plastic materials commonly used in this industry.

Fish Migration Solutions ACE have now installed over 100 fish friendly flap valves in the UK over the past two years, providing adequate fish passage through flood defenses whilst maintaining the structure as a flood defense. Last year almost all our flap valves were installed with a fish migration solution as standard, as most outfalls require free passage- we can still do “standard” flaps if fish migration is not required.

Fish Friendly Pumping systems ACE offer pump technology which has been independently proven to be virtually 100% fish friendly, with unrivalled pumping efficiency through innovative thinking and the use of high grade materials. For more information on the performance, either for fish or pumping performance, please see our documents.

Wind Pumps are advised through ACE to provide pumping in remote locations and open sites. This allows pumping without the need of expensive electricity, providing cheap options for our customers and reducing electricity output. Last year we installed over 10 to create wetland bird habitats and effective land drainage.

ACE have joined the Small Supplier Carbon Measurement Scheme and actively aim to reduce our carbon footprint year on year. This year we have re-aligned our car fleet to include efficient dynamics technology, our sales managers are on the road in some of the most fuel efficient cars on the market! ACE have also focused on coordinating our installations team to minimise mileage where possible, booking in project installations back to back in similar regions. To see our current results check out our certificate in the accreditation section of downloads!

Biosecurity has been a core focus in our team this year, working with the Environment Agency and a number of local invasive weed groups to minimise the impact of invasive weed spread in the work we do. ACE have made some changes and now check to see whether our installation site falls into an invasive weed or macrophyte risk area. Our installations team also know how to spot some of our more common species to aid the collection of data in their appearances and enable early detection.

Engage Local Subcontractors A lot of our installation is handled in-house to ensure quality and speed of our installations. Projects involving cranes and plant for example, are often acquired through local firms to reduce the footprint of transportation (a little local knowledge is always a good thing too!). For installations in remote locations ACE try to work with local contractors and the end supplier to provide cheaper and more carbon economic installation also.

Downloads We have a number of documents such as our Environment Policy and Sustainable Systems Register available for download- please click here to download relevant documents.



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