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One reason that ACE can offer such a diverse range of products and expertise is partnership with our suppliers. ACE is the UK distributor for many of the biggest names from the water industry from across Europe. This gives ACE access to a unique range of products backed up by a level of expertise that is unrivalled.

WaPro Logo

ACE have been the sole UK distributor for Wapro for over 10 years, supplying the Wastop® primarily to prevent backflow in industrial and domestic drainage. The design of the Wastop® is ingenious, simple yet refined, and extremely versatile- it has no mechanical parts, and is very hardwearing. For more info, please click here.

Wapro also manufacture the WaReg® flow control unit, and the WaBack® non return chamber- both items are equally simple yet extremely reliable, again using the minimum of mechanical parts, using the flow of water through them to regulate itself. For more information, please click here.


FishFlow Innovations Logo

Fish Flow Innovations develop and build innovative fish migration facilities along with protection systems. Our mission is to contribute to solve migration barriers for fish and prevent damage to fish through our tailor-made products.

Fish Flow Innovations designed and manufactured the first fish friendly pumps and still hold the European patent to the ingeniously designed impeller. In 2012 ACE installed the UKs first siphon fish pass, an innovation that allows passage between two water courses without compromising the flow control.


Jansen Venneboer Logo

Jansen Venneboer (part of the Spie group) has over 100 years’ experience with a project portfolio spanning the globe. In the Netherlands they are recognised as the power house in heavy engineering for the water sector with experience in the design and supply of radial gates, lock gates and bridges.

ACEs collaboration with Jansen Venneboer brings this level of heavy engineering experience to the UK for the first time, allowing our customers to utilise Jansen Venneboer’s knowledge base and product range with the ACE engineering service.


landustrie logo

Landustrie, based in Sneek in the Netherlands, manufacture automatic weed screen cleaners to suit your application. ACE are a proud supplier of the weed screen cleaners, and we offer the more traditional arrangement of an overhead gantry with lowering grab, as well as the unique Landy Back-rake machine, with a much lower build height.



Flevoland Logo

Based in the Netherlands, CB Flevoland offers a unique range of automation products, that provide simple, yet effective automation of sluices and weirs, in a very compact self contained package, namely the CB Greenbox. With over 30 years of experience in the Dutch water industry, CBF also offer design consultancy and support to ACE on our bespoke equipment.



Berky Logo

With a pedigree of over 50 years, Berkenheger (known as Berky for short) have a long standing reputation for manufacture of tailor-made, high output machinery for maintenance of riverbanks, hedgerows and watercourses. The range includes floating craft such as Weedharvesters and Weed boats, and land-based plant such as the MUTrac Long reach boom machine and tree cutter attachments.



Habbig Logo

Having worked with ACE for over 15 years, the Habbig Tree grip cutter from Germany proves to be a very durable, reliable and high-output tree cutting machine, whether used for general pruning or tree clearance. The machine is available in a number of sizes, to suit all excavators, along with a hydraulic swivel to allow extra versatility for pruning trees and hedges in hard to reach places.



Hobelman Logo

The Hooby LC90 long reach ditch, manufactured in the Netherlands clearer is a unique machine, ideal for use in areas with restricted access, with an unrivalled footprint-reach ratio. The Hooby LC90 is only 1.6m wide, but has a reach of up to 8m, with a 5m weed cutting bucket. Using a unique active counterbalance, the Hooby LC90 makes access to areas that is usually impossible with plant, possible.



Bosman Logo

Originally produced over 50 years ago, the Bosman Wind pump is commonly seen throughout the Netherlands to maintain water levels for irrigation using only natural power. Following various technical advances, ACE have supplied and installed the Bosman Wind Pump in the UK for over 10 years.



To compliment ACE’s range of fish passes, ACE are the sole UK agent for the VAKI Riverwatcher monitoring camera. The VAKI Riverwatcher offers a unique solution that identifies, counts and records all fish passing through, providing images at the point of count to allow identification of size and species, with no excess footage.



Pentair Logo

Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis have recently formed, by joining three of the world’s leading specialists in pumping technology, now operating under one name. Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis, working with Fishflow Innovations are experts in fish friendly pump technology, supplying pumps which are 100% fish friendly with no compromise on output or efficiency.




Kaymac Logo

As a specialist marine & civil engineering contractor, Kaymac Marine have worked closely with ACE on a number of marine projects as an approved installer of flap valves and similar marine engineering solutions.





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