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Keadby Pumping Station

ACE delivering fish friendly pumps at Keadby Pumping Station

Keadby Pumping Station is the Environment Agency’s terminal outfall at the end of a complex network of rivers and pumping stations within the low-lying Isle of Axholme. An area covering around 500 km2 across South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. Within the area are over 28,000 houses and 30,000 hectares (Ha) of high-grade agricultural land as well as significant infrastructure.

The current pumps transfer water into the River Trent during high tides and when there has been high rainfall in the Isle of Axholme. Keadby terminal outfall operates every day through gravity sluicing or pumping to keep the Isle of Axholme dry, without this activity the area would look very different.

Keadby Pumping Station was built around 1939 and has undergone a number of modifications over the years. The pumps amongst other items have now reached the end of their serviceable life. The current pumps are nearly 80 years old, inefficient, unreliable and becoming increasingly costly to maintain.

The improvements to the facility will see the current diesel pumps replaced by more reliable, less polluting and more efficient electric versions. As well as reducing flood risk, the new pumps will also lessen the station’s carbon footprint and are designed to be safe for fish and eels.

The new fish friendly pumps which will be provided by Aquatic Control Engineering Ltd (ACE) and their pump partners Pentair Nijhuis. Pentair are a world-renowned pump manufacturer, with prestigious pump installations throughout the globe, and facilities that ensure the very best design, manufacture and testing.

Through innovative, intelligent design, cutting edge motor technology and variable speed drive’s the pumps will also deliver vastly improved efficiency.
The pumps are driven by permanent magnet motors with an efficiency rating of IE4, each capable of delivering over 10,000 Nm of torque at 330 kW. ACE will be delivering six pumps, each capable of pumping four cubic metres of water per second.

The fish friendly pump design, ensures fish can enter and exit the pump system without damage. The patented impeller which ensures fish are not struck on entering the pump has been rigorously tested and monitored on a wide variety of land drainage pumping stations across Europe, no other fish friendly pump design has been monitored so robustly. The pump also incorporates elongated guide vanes to guide fish unharmed through the system. Independent testing has demonstrated that over 97% of fish and 100% of eels sampled, passed through the pump with no harm. This market leading fish friendliness does not compromise on flood prevention, nor does it excessively increase the costs.

ACE are working collaboratively with principle contractors GBV (a joint venture between Galliford Try and Black & Veatch) and the Environment Agency to ensure a robust and high-quality outcome.

For more information how we can help with fish migration on your pump projects, contact ACE by calling 01777 249080 or email info@aquaticcontrol.co.uk.

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