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Fish friendly pumping stations in Laxton and Blacktoft

Laxton and Blacktoft are two villages set on the banks of the Ouse which flows into the Humber estuary near Goole. During the floods of 2007 both villages and surrounding arable land were badly affected.

Land drainage pumping stations

The Ouse and Humber Drainage Board (OHDB) started to work on plans and raise funds for the prevention of future flooding disasters. Following detailed assessments of the local area, it was determined to build two land drainage pumping stations. One in the village of Laxton and one in the village of Blacktoft. Upstream of the pumping stations, the drains have been widened and also linked enabling each pumping station to service a large catchment. To further aid the improvements of the flood defences old heavy wooden pointing doors were replaced. The new lightweight HDPE flap valves which open sooner, pen less water upstream improving the catchments resilience.

Flood defence whilst not impairing fish passage

In the past, there has always been a conflict of interest between the environmental impacts of building new land drainage assets, particularly when considering fisheries. Traditional non-return valves block routes into the catchment for migratory species. Such as the critically endangered eel which thrives in agricultural drains. Not to mention the pumps used, destroy them on the way out.

Improving the environment for people by protecting properties, arable land and infrastructure against flooding does not need to come at a cost of the environment. ACE have helped the OHDB achieve this by supplying flap valves with our unique re-set fish passage system. Enabling flood defence lightweight not impairing fish passage. Our fish friendly axial flow pumps ensure eels can be pumped from the drain into the Humber without being damaged.

The fish friendly pumps also have unrivalled efficiency. Further reducing the environmental footprint through efficiency (over 80%). The flap valves are manufactured in HDPE. This not only improves the drainage capabilities due to the material being light. It also has a much lower carbon footprint than traditional options. Such as cast iron and steel further improving the sustainability of the asset.

At ACE we do not only solve one aspect of a problem we offer holistic sustainable solutions.

What a great project and thanks to all involved with a special thanks to the Ouse and Humber Drainage Board and ESH Group!

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