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Side Hung Doors

Side Hung Doors from 1812 to modern day

ACE side hung doors offer natural fish movement with no obstruction to flow when water travels from river to sea, while still delivering reliable and secure flood defence. A very simple yet effective concept, in that the water flow pushes them open and closed depending on the flow, and once open, free flow between the two water bodies is possible.

The original concept for these doors goes all the way back to 1812. Originally designed by Thomas Telford, a hugely respected civil engineer of the time. In the 19th century, Thomas Telford’s command of all types of civil engineering lead to him being elected as the first President of the Institute of Civil Engineers. A role he held for 14 years until his death.

‘Telford Doors’ formed part of the overall plan of land reclamation at Malltraeth marsh on the Island of Anglesey. Existing defences had been breached by storms in the 1790’s, meaning extensive repair work was required. Overseen by Telford and John Rennie the work was completed in 1812. To this day the area has been designated a Site of Scientific Interest and includes an RSPB reserve.

Move forward 200 years and ACE has taken this technology and improved on it over time. Our side hung doors offer a great flood protection solution.

Among the many benefits is the ability to remove the need for an upstream trash screen, making them virtually maintenance free. Low head loss from side hung doors compared to other types of flap valves also means there is virtually no obstruction to flow. While also delivering much less chance for debris build-up, and being inherently the best valve solution regarding fish and eel friendliness.

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