AQUIKO Water Level Management

Aquiko Water Level Management Range

Managing ecology and water resources is complex. For over 20 years, we’ve offered robust, cost-effective solutions for water treatment plants and local authorities to handle this delicate balance effectively.

Double Leaf Penstocks

Double Leaf Penstocks are durable, low-maintenance devices for precise water level control and flood relief.

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Tilting Weirs

Tilting Weirs are lightweight, durable tools for precise, low-maintenance water management.

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Top Up Sluice

The Top Up Sluice is an automated, electricity-free device for maintaining water levels.

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Compact Solar Control

The Compact Solar Control is a solar actuator that operates devices and connects with SCADA systems.

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Aquiko Water Level Management By ACE

Water is one of the Earth’s most precious resources. Striking the balance of ecology and nature alongside flood risk management and water abstraction has always been difficult. In recent times, the common occurrence of weather extremes has seen flood warnings and hose pipe bans happening simultaneously. This switches the focus to include level management and retention for dryer times. Whether you are a wastewater treatment plant or a local authority, we are here to help address the balance of environmental concern and commercial viability.

In fact, our product range has been designed with this in mind. Offering robust design and longevity alongside low carbon and cost-effective materials. We provide standard and specialist products and services in this arena for over two decades. Our focus on creating effective solutions, whether the water needs to be stored, diverted or protected against.

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