Eel & Fish Passage

Our Eel & Fish Passage Range

We believe in the need for fish and eel preservation. We have worked tirelessly with nationwide experts to develop a range of passage equipment to reduce the impact of the installation of our flow control equipment. In turn, this naturally lead to ACE being employed nationwide to design and supply eel passes around existing and new structures.

Eel Passes

Eel Passes are designed to promote safe passage for elvers by simulating their natural migration routes. They are durable and easy to install.

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Fish Passes

Fish Passes are cost-effective, pre-fabricated systems for aiding fish migration, compliant with Environment Agency rules.

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Fish Pass Flapvalves

Fish Friendly Flap Valves are efficient drainage solutions, providing safe passage for aquatic life and robust flood defense.

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Fish Friendly Pumps

Fish Friendly Pumps are efficient, maintenance-free drainage pumps designed for the safety of aquatic life.

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Eel & Fish Passage By ACE

Our team have completed numerous fish and eel passes projects across the UK. Therefore, adding to our knowledge centre. A wealth of monitoring, research and development through Environmental bodies and Universities has taken place. This has confirmed our product effectiveness. Consequently, helped us to refine our designs into their modern form.

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