Fish Deterrent & Fish Screening

Fish Deterrent & Fish Screening Range

Pumping stations and intakes are ideal location for fish and eel to take refuge when the intakes are not operating, however just in their nature quickly become lethal as water starts to flow.

Strobe Light System

Our Fish Deterrent uses LED strobe lights to safely keep marine life away from hazardous infrastructure.

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Archimedean Drum Screen

The Drum Screen is a low-maintenance filter for water facilities, safeguarding aquatic life.

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Fish Deterrent & Fish Screening By ACE

When it comes to fish deterrent systems, ACE are at the forefront of innovation and expertise. Traditionally, pumping stations and intakes offer refuge for fish and eels when they are not in operation. However, as soon as water starts flowing, these areas become potentially lethal for aquatic life.

Recognising the importance of protecting fish and maintaining a healthy ecosystem, ACE work with our partner Fish Flow Innovations to provide a comprehensive range of equipment designed to prevent injury to fish near structures such as pumping stations. Our advanced solutions ensure the safety of fish by implementing cutting-edge technologies and efficient screening systems.

One of the solutions we offer is Strobe light technology, which plays a vital role in the prevention of harm to fish. By using strategically placed strobe lights, we encourage fish to move away from the intake before the pump operation begins. This innovative approach not only safeguards fish but also promotes a sustainable environment in and around pumping stations.

Additionally, our Archimedean drum screen serves as an effective fish deterrent system. This sophisticated screening solution utilises the principles of Archimedes’ screw to create a continuous rotating motion, diverting fish away from intakes and other potentially hazardous areas. With our Archimedean drum screen, we prioritise fish safety while also ensuring the smooth operation of pumping stations.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is deeply embedded in our DNA. We understand the importance of preserving aquatic ecosystems and aim to provide solutions that are both effective and environmentally sustainable. By using our fish deterrent systems, you can actively contribute to the protection of fish and maintain the ecological balance within your pumping stations.

Choose ACE and benefit from our industry-leading expertise and cutting-edge technology. Together, we can promote a harmonious coexistence between fish, pumping stations, and the environment. Invest in our fish deterrent systems and take a proactive step towards ensuring the safety of aquatic life.

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