Flood Defence Pumps

Our Range Of Flood Defence Pumps

Aquatic Control Engineering combines some of the world’s most advanced and efficient pump designs. Additionally, safe passage of fish is integral to our pump technology development. Using specially developed intake profiles, high spec materials and state of the art modelling. ACE pumps are the perfect solution.

Fish Friendly Rotodynamic Pumps

We're the sole UK importer of Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis' fish-friendly pumps, ideal for cost-effective retrofitting in existing pumping stations.

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Fish Friendly Screw Pumps

These pumps are specifically designed to ensure the safe passage of fish, utilising a screw mechanism that gently transports them.

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Wind Pumps

Harnessing the power of wind, our wind pumps offer sustainable and renewable energy solutions for efficient water pumping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Flood Defence Pumps By ACE

We have the UK’s broadest range of fish friendly pumping solutions. Through our partners at Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis Fairbanks Nijhuis and FishFlow Innovations our pump technology are the most advanced and efficient fish friendly pump designs on the market.

Safe passage of fish is integral to the design of our pump technology. Using specially developed adaptations from traditional pumps and following ruthless testing and monitoring, our pumps provide the perfect solution.

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