Specialist Plant & Machinery

Specialist Plant & Machinery Range

We supply a wide range of highly productive, custom built specialist plant and machinery.

Weed Boats

Berky, based in Germany, offers customizable Weed Boats for waterway maintenance, with various size and attachment options.

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Long Reach Weed Cutting Machines

Hooby Long Reach Weed Cutting Machines is a UK-exclusive range of versatile Long Reach Boom Machines by Hobelman Halle BV.

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Tree Cutters

Habbig provides efficient, safe tree maintenance tools, capable of handling branches up to 350mm in diameter.

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Specialist Plant & Machinery By ACE

With customers including the Environmental Agency, Waterways Ireland and Internal Drainage Boards. We have over 20 years’ experience in keeping operational difficulties to a minimum for all aspects of waterway maintenance, throughout the UK and Ireland.

The machinery provided can often be customised. Adding features that can improve efficiency or to overcome operational challenges. All designed and produced by leading specialist manufacturers.

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