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Flap Valves

A flap valve is a type of non-return device for water or sewerage. The purpose of a flap valve is to ensure water can pass through the valve in one direction only. Flap valves operate by water flowing through a pipe or culvert and pushing the swinging door open. When the water level on the downstream side of the flap valve is higher than in the pipe or culvert it presses the swinging, door shut and prevents the water traveling back through the system.
ACE were the first in the UK to provide stainless steel and HDPE non-return valves (NRV’s). Alternatives to the outdated cast iron versions used in the past. It has been ACE’s philosophy to use modern materials and up to date technologies. As a result, reducing maintenance and increase asset life. This has enabled us to forge our strong position which we hold in the UK market today.
ACE regularly design bespoke non return valves for particular environments, including the use of alternative systems such as the WaStop. Projects such as the Charvill and Teddington sites can be found in our Projects section.

Reliable protection
Virtually no maintenance


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