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Flap Valves - Wall mounted

ACE were the first to introduce the HDPE flap valves to the UK in 1997.

We have supplied tens of thousands of HDPE flap valves over the years. Therefore, our knowledge, experience, and capacity are unsurpassed. We hold stock of sizes up to 1000mm diameter. We have full-time warehouse staff and internal sales support. This ensures we help you select the right product and it arrives on time.

Our HDPE flap valves changed the UK’s non-return valve market. The material is lightweight and robust. Making them not only more efficient in terms of drainage but also quicker and safer to install. With the HDPE flap valve system, there is no grouting required. We utilise modern EPDM sealing systems. This saves a huge amount of time on site.

Our HDPE on stainless steel hinges ensure absolute minimal maintenance is required. Our flap valves only require occasional visual inspections to check for obstruction. No greasing is ever required.

Although HDPE is lightweight it is still extremely robust due to its ductility. HDPE is also buoyant neutral in the water. Therefore, fitted with a stainless-steel counterweight making it perfectly balanced. The upstream head required to open the valve is minimal, but full closure is ensured as soon as it’s needed.


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