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1000mm Flap Valves

Since the introduction of HDPE flap valves by ACE in 1997 the material has become synonymous with high quality, reliable flood defences. Offering extremely good value for money over its life- it’s not just any “plastic” valve it’s an ACE valve! We stock a wide variety flap valve sizes for quick dispatch (100-1000mm) however if our standard range does not meet your requirements our products can be customised to meet your needs (higher pressures, special sizes or pumped valves for example). All our standard flaps are made from the tried and tested UV stable black HDPE, stainless steel 316 and EPDM sealing systems. They come complete with fixing’s and seals required for installation (we can offer the valves without fixings on request).



ACE Flap Valve Brochure
Technical Specification PDF: Flap Valve 1000mm
DWG: Flap Valve 1000mm
Flap Valve Installation & Operating Manual
River Erewash Diversion Case Study
Lustrum Beck Case Study
Alexandra Docks Case Study



  • Quick, safe and straightforward to install
  • Lightweight yet tough
  • UV stable black HDPE
  • Lowest head loss and opening pressures
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Various mounting arrangements
  • Fish friendly solutions available
  • Next day delivery when in stock


We supply a variety of standard mounting arrangements on our HDPE flap valves:

  • KRK-R-O – Wall mounted, circular (Square also available)
  • KRK-R-P – For mounting directly to Plastic pipe with couplings
  • KRK-R-BS – For mounting directly into pipe, using a push-fit spigot
  • KRK-R-F – For mounting to pipe flanges
  • KRK-R-OH – Wall mounted, but hung on a backward angle (suitable for wave action)
  • KPK – Suitable for pumping stations in aggressive environments, fitted using either flange or angled connections.
  • Fish friendly


Our equipment is very easy to install – please see below or click here to see a short video overview. Alternatively, please see our documents section for installation instructions.
In some instances, an inline application is required. Where space, wave action or other conditions prevent the use of flap valves. Therefore, please see our Wastop range for an alternative to flap valves.


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