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700mm Penstocks

Since the introduction of HDPE penstocks by ACE over 20 years ago the material has become synonymous with high quality, reliable flood defences. Offering extremely good value for money over its life- it’s not just any “plastic” valve it’s an ACE valve! We stock a wide variety penstocks sizes for quick dispatch (100-1000mm) however if our standard range does not meet your requirements our penstocks can be customised to meet your needs. All our standard penstocks are made from the tried and tested UV stable black HDPE, stainless steel 316L and EPDM sealing systems. Our penstocks come complete with fixing’s and seals required for installation.



ACE Penstock Brochure
Technical Specification PDF: Penstock 700mm
DWG: Penstock 700mm
Penstock Installation & Operation Manual
Morpeth Case Study
Pendigo Lake Case Study
Rutland Water Habitat Creation Case Study



Reduced time to install through:

  • Less weight making them safer and quicker to move with less expensive lifting equipment
  • They seal against the concrete using our EPDM sealing system which means no grouting is required – Saving time grouting as well as grout curing time
  • Our penstocks sealing system means you do not need to set up chocks for the door to “seat” this saves a lot of time as setting chocks is a laborious time-consuming task.


Reduced OPEX costs through reduced maintenance

  • Stainless steel has no coating which needs replacing/patching up over time
  • There is no chance of our penstocks seizing. We have removed all moving metal on metal areas which means seizing is impossible. All our moving areas have HDPE guides/slides to ensure they will always be able to move.
  • Requires no greasing for non-modulating penstocks small enough to use our polyacetal nut blocks. Modulating and larger penstocks which use bronze nut blocks only require a single point to be lubricated periodically



ACE also supply a variety of standard mounting arrangements on our penstocks, to save installation time, such as:

  • KSA-MD – Face Wall mounted
  • KSA-R-P – for mounting directly to Plastic pipe with couplings
  • KSA-R-BS – for mounting directly into pipe, using a push-fit spigot
  • KSA-R-F – for mounting to pipe flanges
  • KSA-HD – for more heavy-duty applications
  • KSA-RVS -for chemical applications
  • KLSA Inline – for mounting in pipelines


All of the above equipment can also be used with ACE standard operation accessories. For example, spindle extensions, handwheels, T keys and even actuators.

Please see our case studies for more details of our capabilities.


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