Fish friendly Rotodynamic Pumps

Fish friendly Rotodynamic Pumps

We are the sole UK importer of the Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis fish friendly pumps. Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis are a world-renowned pump manufacturer with prestigious pump installations throughout the globe, including the world’s largest capacity pump and facilities that ensure the very best product.

Fish-Friendly Design

The unique leading edge of the pump impellor ensures safe passage for marine life, allowing 100% of eels and at least 97% of fish to pass through unscathed.

Prestigious Manufacturer

We bring you products from a world-renowned manufacturer with globally recognised installations, including the world’s largest capacity pump.

Cost-Efficient Retrofitting

Our Fish friendly Rotodynamic Pump is an ideal choice for retrofitting into existing pumping stations, offering substantial savings on conversion costs.

About Fish friendly Rotodynamic Pumps

The pump impellor has a unique leading edge which ensures fish are not struck when they enter the pump. This design allows 100% of eels and at least 97% of fish pass through unscathed.

This pump is perfect for retrofitting into exiting pumping stations and conversion costs can be substantially reduced.

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Why Choose Fish friendly Rotodynamic Pumps


Efficient Fluid Transport

Fish friendly Rotodynamic Pumps transform rotational energy into hydrodynamic energy, ensuring optimal fluid flow. They also provide consistent output. As a result they are ideal for water supply systems, industrial applications, or irrigation.


Low Maintenance

With fewer moving parts, Fish friendly Rotodynamic Pumps require less upkeep. As a result, you experience reduced downtime and more operational hours. Their longevity also makes them a cost-effective solution.



Adaptable to low-viscosity liquids, Fish friendly Rotodynamic Pumps handle substances like water or light oil. As a result, they are versatile across industries from wastewater management to food processing.


Momentum Generation

By rotating impellers in the fluid, Fish friendly Rotodynamic Pumps generate increased pressure or flow. Therefore, whether you need to move liquids quickly or manage high-pressure systems, these pumps meet these demands efficiently.

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Fish friendly Rotodynamic Pumps In Action

Fish friendly Rotodynamic Pumps Brochures & Data Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

Our pump partner Pentair Nijhuis have developed a fish friendly pump design which ensures fish can enter and exit the pump system without damage. The impellor has a unique leading edge has an extremely low chance of fish strike in accordance NEN8775. The pump also incorporates guide vanes to guide the fish unharmed through the system. Independent testing demonstrated that over 97% of fish and 100% of eels samples passed through the pump with no harm. This has been proven with multiple independent studies.

During the design of your pumping station ACE are on hand to offer advice, engineering expertise and make recommendations. We consider operation and maintenance, inspection, installation, and value for money. Design is carried out using 3D modelling software, which as well as providing an excellent accurate visual representation of the finished product, it also allows computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to prove and refine the concept pre manufacture.

Yes. The pump designs deliver excellent efficiencies, equal or above to non-fish friendly options. Usually operated through variable speed drives ensures optimal efficiency and low running speeds. This improves passage for fish and eels, reduces noise and vibrations, therefore reducing maintenance requirements.

Yes. All designs can be customised to suit the site layout. We will consider the site requirements and design a solution using our many years of expertise. We can also make completely bespoke pumps to suit the most challenging constraints.

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    More About Fish friendly Rotodynamic Pumps

    Our Fish friendly Rotodynamic Pumps offer a myriad of benefits that not only safeguard aquatic life but also optimise your operational costs. Let’s explore the advantages that make our fish-friendly pumps a must-have for you pump solution.

    1. Wildlife Conservation:
    Our fish-friendly pump boasts an impressive track record, allowing over 97 percent of fish and an astounding 100 percent of eels to navigate pumping stations unharmed. Embrace a solution that harmonises aquatic ecosystems while meeting your pumping needs.

    2. Optimised Design for Fish Well-being:
    The secret lies in our pump’s specialised impeller and guide vanes, meticulously crafted to create an optimal water flow that ensures safe fish passage. Rounded edges and wider spaces between blades minimise impact risks without compromising efficiency, prioritising the well-being of aquatic inhabitants.

    3. Low Total Costs of Ownership (TCO):
    Our partner Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis prioritises fish-friendliness without compromising efficiency. The pumps, are built to customer specifications, guarantee over 80 percent efficiency at the design point, ensuring cost-effectiveness over the long term.

    4. Easy Installation and Reduced Operation Costs:
    Customisable to seamlessly integrate into existing pumping stations, our fish-friendly pumps eliminate the need for structural adaptations. This preserves the original infrastructure, utilising existing electrical systems and minimising conversion costs, making the transition to a fish-friendly system both smooth and economical.

    5. Reduced Maintenance Costs:
    Operating at a lower speed, our pumps exhibit enhanced durability. The reduced vulnerability to clogging or damage to critical components translates to lower maintenance requirements, ensuring a prolonged service life for your pump.

    Technical Specifications:
    – Available in both vertical and horizontal configurations, suitable for dry and wet mounting.
    – Ideal for natural open water systems requiring low pressures and high capacities for flood control
    – Default capacity ranging from 1,500 to 180,000 m3/h, with the ability to accommodate higher capacities for specialised applications.
    – Head size variation between 1 and 8 meters, catering to the conventional propeller pump range.