Flood Doors

Flood door

Sliding flood doors


  • Reliable flood protection, quick to deploy
  • Deployed by one person
  • Easy to service, low maintenance
  • Secure and compact locking system
  • No special tools required


During an impending flood event, resources are usually stretched and with bad weather conditions and the added pressure of speed, the deployment of flood defences needs to be quick, easy and reliable. Traditional use of sandbags is very labour and time consuming, and requires experience to ensure the defence is robust. To ease this pressure, ACE supply a range of flood doors for quick and simple deployment with minimal training, by one person.


ACE sliding flood doors are designed using a unique guide arrangement, which is simple and effective at making the deployment of our flood gates very easy, even when the door weight is substantial. The gate sits on two wheel assemblies that are simply retracted once deployed, ensuring that the seals are not worn during movement. The flood doors need no special tools to operate, and are balanced so that they can be pushed out by one person with minimal effort.


The wheel arrangement, along with an integral service position, allows easy changing of seals if they do get worn, and can be secured in the open and closed positions to prevent unauthorised use and vandalism.


For more information on recent projects, please see our case studies, or contact us for more details.

Hinged domestic flood doors

Flood door
Flood door
FLood door
  • Pedestrian access flood doors
  • Defence without compromising access
  • Easy to deploy
  • Customised to your gateway
  • Cosmetic cladding optional


ACE also supply and install hinged flood doors for protection of domestic and commercial properties, allowing easy access for the majority of the time, but providing peace of mind when the rain starts to fall. The flood doors are designed to suit your gateway dimensions, and can be clad in decorative timber, painted or even fitted with bespoke decoration as required to help the door to fit into it’s surroundings.


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