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HD Penstocks

Heavy duty penstocks for demanding environments


Although ACE penstocks are already very robust. With the ability to handle 5m of water pressure as standard. Certain applications can be even more demanding. The ACE Heavy Duty range of penstocks is designed to cope with 10m of water pressure at a minimum. Some models have previously been tailored to cope with depths in excess of 30m. Manufactured in full Stainless Steel 316L as standard. The heavy-duty penstocks have a unique design allowing them to offer unrivalled sealing even when subjected to an incredible depth of water.


As well as being suitable for high pressures, they can be used in marine environments, sewage and other process applications. Where required higher grade materials such as Duplex can be offered as required.


They have a tapered frame. Meaning that the seals are not in contact with the frame until the point of closure. Therefore, ensuring the penstock seals remain reliable without regular maintenance. Also, once set up during commissioning needs no further adjustment.


In high-pressure situations, the heavy-duty penstocks also have the option to be filled with grout to ensure an incredibly strong bond to the concrete structure. Without the need to cast in complicated wall thimbles during construction.


ACE regularly design bespoke penstocks for particular environments. Including the use of alternative drive systems such as hydraulics and rack and pinion lift equipment. Projects such as St Germans Pumping Station, Salters Lode Sluice and Morpeth FAS can be found in our Projects section.


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