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KVU Auto Feed Sluice

KVU Sluice

KVU Auto Feed Sluice


  • Automatic regulation of water level with minimal human interaction
  • Feeds ditches to maintain a constant level
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Can be locked to provide isolation


The KVU Auto feed sluice is a very simple, yet effective device for maintaining an accurate water level. The system is set up on installation, and once configured, will constantly monitor the downstream water level, and top it up when required.

The system is enclosed within two small chambers as a single unit, connected to a “feeder” or “carrier” watercourse (usually a river, upstream of the unit) providing a feed source. The unit then incorporates a float-controlled valve, which opens when the area to be “fed” lowers- this can be an irrigation ditch, smaller river, lake or pond for example. The system is very simple, leading to very reliable operation and no interaction once configured.


Common uses:


  • Land drainage ditches for irrigation
  • Wetlands for maintaining marsh conditions
  • Maintaining lake levels




The KVU lends itself very well to remote areas, and can be used in multiples, to automatically regulate an entire area. When used with a tilting weir at the lowest point, multiple KVU auto Feed Sluices have been used very successfully to maintain levels throughout entire marshlands.


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