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Long Reach Boom Machines

MU Trac

MUTrac Long reach boom machine


The Berkenheger MUTrac, or multi utility tractor, offers versatility and performance.


  • High output, low maintenance
  • Use two flails at once, halving operation time
  • Long reach for ditch clearance and digging
  • Use with tree cutters or lifting claws
  • High stability with low ground pressure


MUTrac – Multi-Utility Tractor


ACE are the sole UK suppliers of the Berkenheger MUTrac, which as it’s name suggests, provides multi-uses with a long reach boom. The machine can be used for:

  • High-speed Flailing- boom AND front mounted- both flails can be used together, doubling the output
  • Long reach ditch clearance- weed cutting and digging, with excellent visibility and stability
  • Hedge maintenance- using a Berky Tree Cutter, even over ditches
  • Grounds clearance- lift and clear debris into a trailer


Intelligent design


The Berkenheger MUTrac has been designed with operator safety and comfort at the forefront, often enhancing the performance of the machine at the same time. The MUTrac boom folds neatly during transport to allow it to be safely driven on highways without compromising visibility, but when extended, can achieve reaches of up to 10m- full power to the working attachment is still achieved at engine speeds as low as 1700 rpm. On some MUTrac models, the cab can also be rotated when working to the side, allowing exceptional line-of-sight over the working gear, and improved stability, particularly when digging or weedcutting.


The Berkenheger MUTrac can be tailored to suit your exact applications, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Hooby LC 90 Long reach Boom Machine


Unrivalled long reach boom machine for hard to access sites


  • 8 metre reach, on towpath of only 1.6m width
  • Excellent stability despite tiny footprint
  • Unbelievable capacity for it’s size
  • High versatility


Unbelievable performance


On first glance at the statistics, the Hooby LC 90 long reach boom machine seems too good to be true- the LC90 is capable of using a 5m weed cutting bucket, at a reach of up to 8m, but has a footprint of only 1.6m. Designed for use on very narrow towpaths, the Hooby LC90 reaches sites that are otherwise inaccessible, but makes short work of ditch maintenance. The Hooby LC90 has a unique adaptable counterbalance system that extends away from the cab as the boom is extended, allowing a reach which seems almost impossible- our customers are amazed at how stable the machine remains, even when pushed to it’s limits.

As the cab rotates with the boom, the visibility over the working area is also excellent, with a fully loaded, glazed cab to add to the driver’s comfort and safety.

Due to it’s compact shape, and clever design, the boom can be folded neatly, allowing transport on a relatively small trailer, which is custom-built for the machine.




The Hooby LC90 can be used with a wide variety of attachments, and although typically supplied with a weed bucket (up to 5m width), items such as digging buckets, grips, tree cutters and stump grinders can also be provided. Just because it can be used on narrow access paths, the Hooby LC90 still holds it’s own against larger machines, with comparable reach and capacity despite it’s size.

For more information, please download the brochure below, or contact us to discuss your requirements.



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