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Pet flap fish friendly flapvalve

Pet Fish Friendly flapvalve

Pet flap fish Friendly Flapvalves


  • Quick and Easy to install
  • Lightweight yet robust
  • Simple yet effective fish passage
  • Virtually maintenance free


The ACE “pet flap” fish friendly flapvalve concept offers simple yet effective fish passage through sea outfalls, without compromising the sea defence when required. The flap inherited the nick name of “pet flap” as it works similar to a cat flap- a smaller portal in a larger door to allow fish to pass through as the tide advances.


The concept incorporates the tried and tested designs used in regular ACE flapvalves, using a bottom hung flapvalve fitted with an adjustable float rod. At low tide, the pet flap element opens, and remains open as the tide starts to advance- at a pre-set level the float rod starts to close the pet flap to secure the sea defence, however the trigger level can be perfectly balanced to ensure time for fish passage, whilst maintaining robust flood protection.


The petflap systems are fitted to otherwise standard ACE flapvalves, meaning you still get all the benefits of their design- simple installation, low maintenance and excellent protection from flooding. The equipment is manufactured in the tried and tested HDPE and Stainless Steel 316 combination, and can be manufactured to specific requirements.


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