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Pipe mounted penstocks

Pipe mounted penstocks for simple installation


ACE wall mounted Penstocks are very quick and easy to fit. Although, it is not always practical to construct a wall for them to be fixed to. This could be due to budget, environmental constraints or access. However, ACE can provide pipe mounted penstocks as alternatives to assist in these cases.


With all the benefits of ACE penstocks, the pipe mounted penstocks are variations that are easy to maintain. They usually require no greasing, require low torque to operate. In addition, they have a very long design life due to the use of HDPE and Stainless Steel 316 in their construction. These materials also make them lightweight, so in cases where access is a problem, it can be possible to fit penstocks without any mechanical lifting equipment.


ACE Pipe mounted penstocks are available in a number of variations:

  • Directly mounted to the pipe with couplings
  • Inserted into the pipe using a tapered fitting
  • Flange mounted- Bolted to a pipe flange
  • Inline penstocks- Penstocks can be fitted between two pipes, using the fitting types above


Following connection to the pipe the penstock merely requires a rigid support to ensure it remains in place and vertical. Commonly this in the form of stakes or support under the unit to ensure it remains secure. For more details on installation possibilities please contact us.


All of the above equipment can also be used with ACE standard operation accessories, such as spindle extensions, handwheels, T Keys and even actuators.



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