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Reset Flapvalves – Fish Friendly

Reset Flapvalves – Fish Friendly


  • Quick and Easy to install
  • Lightweight yet robust
  • Promotes fish migration without compromising flood protection
  • Precise closure level


To promote safe fish passage through sea outfalls, ACE’s reset flapvalves have been developed to offer a safe and easy route for fish to migrate upstream as the tide advances, but to ensure closure at a precise level. The reset system offers a precise trigger level to ensure full protection from flooding before a critical level is reached, offering peace of mind for residents and operators, and environmentalists alike.


Reset flapvalves use the tried and tested technologies of ACE HDPE flapvalves and the Wastop Non return valve, ensuring ease of installation, robust flood protection and minimal maintenance requirements. The reset flap portal is built into an otherwise standard KWT HDPE flapvalve, providing a small opening to allow fish to enter as the tide advances.


The reset flap is fitted with a float chamber, which lifts the reset flap portal as the tide advances, allowing fish to swim through naturally. Before the tide reaches a critical level, the float fills with water, causing the reset flap portal to close and secure the outfall from flooding. As the tide recedes, the water in the float exits via a Wastop non return valve, resetting the float for the next tide (hence the name “Reset”).


The reset flapvalves are ideal for tidal outfalls with regularly changing levels, and is very reliable in a wide variety of a applications. For more details on the use of the reset flapvalve, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Reset flapvalve operation



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