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Side Hung Doors/Mitre doors – Fish Friendly

Side hung doors- Traditional yet effective


  • Natural fish movement, with reliable flood defence
  • Quick and Easy to install
  • Lightweight yet robust
  • No obstruction to flow
  • Virtually maintenance free


As flapped outfalls often pose a barrier to fish migration, particularly at the point of entry from the sea, ACE offer a range of Fish Friendly Flapvalve options to provide a window of opportunity for fish and eels to migrate naturally without compromising flood defence.



Based on traditional mitre door designs, ACE side hung doors offer reliable and secure flood defence, but offer no obstruction to flow when water travels from river to sea. A very simple yet effective concept, in that the water flow pushes them open and closed depending on the flow, and once open, free flow between the two water bodies is possible.



ACE side hung doors are usually fitted with limiters to ensure they open sufficiently to allow flow, but close reliably as the water changes direction.



ACE side hung doors are available in a wide range of sizes, and can be single doors, or double doors (like saloon doors), chosen to suit our customer’s individual needs. The side hung doors are manufactured in HDPE and Stainless Steel 316L, making them lightweight for ease of handling and installation, without compromising strength. HDPE is very shock absorbent, and does not crack if struck, making it ideal for this type of equipment.


Easy installation


ACE side hung doors are usually bolted to the mounting surface using resin anchors, or using bespoke frame designs as required, all of which do not usually require grouting- typically they take a matter of hours to fit, with minimal setting-dry and no curing time. The benefits to cost and time saving are clear when compared with more traditional side hung doors made in timber and heavy metals.



Using self lubricating hinges, ACE side hung doors only require occasional visual inspection to check for obstruction, and no greasing is required. The EPDM seal also allows for some wear, offering reliable protection throughout the lifetime of the side hung door.



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