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Tree Grip Cutters

Tree Grip Cutters
Treegrip Cutter
Tree grip cutters
  • Tree grip cutters are Safe and easy to use-no chainsaws or climbing
  • High output, quick clearance
  • Clean cut promotes natural regrowth
  • Very low maintenance


Maintenance of trees and hedgerows is a continuous task, and particularly where the vegetation grows over watercourses, rail-tracks and highways, this can often pose a challenge. Traditional methods using chainsaws and climbing puts personnel at high risk of injury, requires high levels of training, and are very time consuming.


The Habbig tree grip-cutter is a very heavy duty attachment for excavators allowing clearance and trimming of trees up to 350mm in diameter in a single movement, all from the comfort of the cab. The benefits of speed and efficiency are clear, and when coupled with the fact the operator doesn’t need to climb, use hazardous equipment, or carry out any manual handling make the Habbig Tree grip cutter a perfect solution.


The Habbig Tree grip-cutter can be positioned at almost any angle, making easy work of hard to reach branches, cutting and gripping the timber in a single hydraulic movement, allowing it to be deposited in a neat pile, or onto a trailer.


The Habbig Tree grip cutter is available in various sizes, depending on requirements and application, please contact us for more details, or see our documents pages.

tree cutter
tree cutter
tree cutter

Berkenheger Tree Cutters


To compliment the Habbig Tree Grip-cutter, which is ideally suited to larger trees and branches, ACE also offer the Berkenheger Tree Cutter range, for quick and clean clearance of brash and trimming of hedgerows. Although suitable for cutting of multiple branches over a length of up to 1.6m, the Berkenheger Tree Cutter is still capable of cutting branches up to 160mm in diameter.


The Berkenheger Tree Cutter is a hydraulically operated attachment, with high durability and strength to easily cut through a large amount of material, without making excessive noise (as found with rotating machinery). The Tree Cutter can be fitted to a range of hydraulic arms, and can be moved to virtually any angle to reach hard to access branches.


For more details on the Tree Cutter range, please contact ACE.



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