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WaReg Flow Regulator

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WaReg Flow Regulator


With ever increasing pressures on stormwater systems, flow attenuation is becoming evermore important, to prevent flooding in urban areas in particular. Common regulation devices however can be restrictive, as they offer no adjustment after installation, can be affected by head variation upstream and can be prone to blockage due to the shape of systems such as Vortex controls. The Wareg Flow Regulator has been developed with all this in mind, to be a more effective and reliable product for stormwater systems.


Wapro, based in Sweden have worked with ACE for over ten years, supplying the ingenious Wastop® Check valve, developed the WaReg flow regulator to be simple yet effective, with no mechanical parts and a clear flow path. The result provides a product which is easier to maintain, less prone to blockage, and guarantees a constant flow rate, regardless of upstream head- it also incorporates adjustment to allow fine-tuning after installation.

Improved Performance


  • Less prone to blockage
  • Constant flow, regardless of upstream head
  • No moving parts requiring maintenance
  • Adjustment possible following installation
  • Easy to install, either in a pre-built chamber, or retrofitted to existing services


Simple but effective concept


As water enters the WaReg Flow Regulator, it moves through a floating pipe section and enters the sump of the unit before exiting through the outfall pipe. The outfall pipe is fitted with an adjustable orifice, set to the required flow rate- any surplus remains in the chamber, and if the level rises, the floating pipe section also rises and restricts the incoming water. This results in a constant flow out of the unit, which is not affected by upstream water pressure as with traditional regulators.


The flow rate is set on commissioning by turning a small hand-wheel, however the design does allow some fine tuning once site experience is gained- other systems only provide a specified rate, with no allowance for error. Once set, the product has no mechanically moving parts so requires no greasing or regular maintenance other than a visual inspection. WaReg Flow Regulators are available to suit DN75-DN400mm pipework, for 1l/sec-250l/sec, with units up to DN315mm tested and preset at a specified flow rate prior to dispatch to assist with commissioning.


The WaReg Flow Regulator can be supplied in a prefabricated manhole, which can simply be coupled between two sections of pipe and buried, making installation very quick and simple- particularly on new installations. Where site restrictions or existing manholes are present, the WaReg Flow Regulator mechanism can be provided for connection in existing chambers- for more details or discuss your application please contact us.



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