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Wastop Inline Check Valves

Wastop® The ingenious Inline Check Valve

  • Quick and Easy to install, at any angle
  • No mechanically moving parts
  • Low head losses
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Resistant to blockage

The Wastop ® inline check valve, is a simple yet highly effective design, using very few components, ensuring reliable performance with virtually no input once installed.

Wastops can be installed into, between, or at the end of pipes in a variety of ways, and it can be installed at any angle, making it ideal for retro-fit into existing systems. In the majority of cases, it is installed by pushing into place, and securing it either with bolts, or a flexible coupling, making for very quick protection from flooding.

The unique membrane design of the Wastop ® ensures positive closure when no flow is present, as well as a flushing action to clear debris when it activates, making the Wastop ® a device you can depend on. The activation point of the valve is also relatively low, as it requires very little head to open it.

Wastop ® valves are very resistant to blockage, as on activation, the membrane “pops” open, allowing a sudden rush of water through it, clearing any debris lurking downstream. As the water is discharged, the Wastop ® membrane also pops to it’s closed position, reducing the likelihood of debris trapping in the gap.


Low head loss


When compared to non return valves such as flapvalves or duckbills, the Wastop ® requires vastly less head to open, meaning that in many cases, a smaller valve and in turn, smaller diameter pipework can be used to achieve the same result- for example, a Wastop ® of 215mm can achieve the same headloss as a typical duckbill of over 300mm, reducing the diameter of the pipe, handling issues and excavation costs, making the overall cost much lower.


Multiple uses of the Wastop ®


Although usually used for prevention of backflow in water in pipes, the Wastop ® is also often used for odour protection in the ceilings of sewers, drains from cellars and air release in offshore pipelines. If you would like more details, please contact us. The Wastop ® is used in ACE’s , and can also be used vertically or where there is no headwall present.

ACE are stockists of the Wastop® to cater for pipe diameter up to 300mm for quick dispatch, however we also regularly supply custom-built Wastops for pipes up to and including 1500mm diameter. Please contact us for more details.

For more information on the Wastop® and it’s application, please see our case studies.

Wastop® is available as:

  • Wastop® PVC- for connection to standard PVC pipe, using off the shelf push fit couplings.
  • Wastop®- Stainless Steel (304 or 316) housing, with various fitting types:
    • Insertion into pipe, wall fixing or flexible coupling
    • Inline connection, using flexible couplings
    • Flanged connection (1 or 2)
  • Wastop ®R– A specific range for fitting to domestic drains, available for 4” and 6” pipe.

Wastop at Markham Brook



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