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Weed Harvesters

Weed harvester
Weed harvester
Weed Harvester

Weed Harvesters


Weed harvesters cut and collect weed and trash in a single operation, storing large volumes of debris until it can be emptied in a suitable location.

  • Cut and collect in a single operation
  • Highly efficient, low noise
  • Excellent stability and visability
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Multiple options and features on request

ACE have supplied Berkenheger Weed Harvesters to the UK for over 20 years, tailoring high performance equipment to our customer’s specific application. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.




Berkenheger Weed Harvesters have become a world-renowned machinery range, offering highly versatile and powerful machinery to cut and collect aquatic weed, along with other floating debris. The machines simultaneously cut weed below the water line, and lift it onto the boat using a pair of conveyors. On it’s way onto the hopper conveyor, the weed is allowed to drain, reducing weight and allowing a much higher capacity to be stored. To empty the Weed Harvester, it is simply moored close to the bank, with the front conveyor raised before reversing the conveyors to place the cuttings in a tidy pile.


Operator safety and comfort


The Weed Harvesters are built with safety at the forefront of the design, with visibility over the cutting gear and stability being the key features. On larger machines, the operators cab is set above the hopper, giving the driver excellent visibility- this is also available with hydraulic lift, to allow the cab to be lowered under bridges, but raised when operating to give the best view. Detailed calculation and the addition of flotation tanks is provided to ensure the craft remains stable whether empty or full, and safety feature such as handrails, life rings and fire safety measures are also available where required.


The operator is also kept comfortable while working, with options such as a range of seats, stereo systems and climate adjustment are available. Please contact us for more details on what can be provided.


Multiple uses


Typically, weed harvesters are fitted with a cutter bar and conveyors, and configured to suit various types of weed. In addition to this, ACE can also provide lifting booms and hydraulic outriggers for lifting large debris, configure the conveyor without cutting gear for trash clearance, and fit other attachments such as dredging pumps.

Weed Harvester
Amphibian Weed Harvester
Weed Harvester

Added versatility


To add to the wide range of tasks the typical Berkenheger weed harvesters can carry out, ACE can also make the boats amphibian, using high powered all terrain tracks. Without compromising on performance, the amphibian versions easily negotiate between deep water, the shallows and onto dry land. This additional feature makes the use of the weed harvester in lakes ideal, and allows for easy transport and maintenance.



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