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Accurate level control at Green Park Weir

Port Talbot Steelworks is one of the worlds largest steelworks and employs approximately 10% of the town’s population. In this area there was an issue regulating the water level in the dock as the previous system did not allow much control of the water in the Port Talbot area. ACE was commissioned by Andrew Scott Limited to help provide control of water from the river at Green Park Weir to rectify the problem and provide a solution that was tailored to their needs.

ACE’s vast experience within the water control industry meant that ACE was able to design a bespoke system which consisted of 3 Weir Penstocks, 3 hydraulic cylinders and a hydraulic power  unit, to control flows accurately and maintain the correct levels.

The ACE penstocks were manufactured with a high quality combination of stainless steel 316L and HDPE that requires minimum maintenance. This design allowed the dock levels to be regulated much easier than before which is especially beneficial as the water level on the dock can affect the production of Port Talbot Steelworks forcing them to halt production if the water level drops too low. The movement of ships could also be impacted by low dock water levels so it was crucial that ACE was able to ensure control of the water levels.

ACE would like to thank Andrew Scott Limited for their involvement in this project.



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