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ACE provide flood protection as part of Radyr Hydro Scheme

As part of the construction of a Hydro Turbine Station at Radyr Weir, ACE were employed to provide a bespoke Flood Gate and Weir Penstock to compliment the scheme. As the site needs regular access to operatives, but is mostly un-manned, the access into the site required a reliable yet easily deployed solution to protect the surrounding area from flooding.

ACE’s solution was to provide a custom built, sliding flood barrier, which allowed one person to deploy and secure the gate on leaving site, to ensure that the boundary, which doubles as a flood  embankment, remains intact.

The flood door incorporates a unique wheel design to prevent the seals rubbing on the floor and walls while moving, both reducing the effort required to operate the gate, but also to improve the life span of the equipment. The gate seals are also secured, and the gate locked, by hand, using no special tools. Once deployed, the operation mechanism is covered and secured to prevent unauthorised access.

ACE also provided a KOAS Weir penstock, along with Rotork Actuator to provide an automated isolation to the hydro turbines. Working alongside Dawnus Construction, ACE carried out the installation of the equipment, with both items completed within three working days. ACE would like to thank the Project Team for their assistance with the project.



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