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Eel passage improvements at Cloves Bridge Pumping Station

As part of implementation of the Water Framework Directive, Cloves Bridge Pumping station was highlighted by the Environment Agency as in need of passage facilities for eels and elvers. As access to these species was previously limited, ACE were employed to provide a bespoke solution tailored to suit a complicated layout route, due to the requirement to avoid costly construction works.

ACE used Solidworks 3D CAD software to accurately model the structure following survey, highlighting any obstructions, and using ACE’s tried-and-tested modular eel pass equipment, provided drawings to allow consent and production. The modelling and modular design ensured that the equipment supplied for the project not only fitted accurately, keeping installation time to a minimum, but also remained sympathetic to the structure, ensuring access to other plant wasn’t impeded and the cosmetic appearance remains in keeping with the surroundings. The pass is approximately 25m in length, using covered HDPE channel fitted with brush substrate to the highest point. At the highest point, a splitter box is fitted which allows water to be directed down the pass to attract eels, and to maintain moisture in the substrate, and also to flush eels down the exit pipe to ensure successful migration.

The pass uses HDPE and Aluminium to ensure are lightweight for handling, whilst remaining robust and long lasting, even in sunlight. ACE were appointed by Kier to deliver this scheme, and
would like to thank all involved.



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